Your Workplace Safety Questions Answered

We get so many questions every day and WE GUARANTEE TO ANSWER THEM ALL. Boy is that a promise we might wish we had not made. When we started out we thought this blog would be all things to all people and one of the compelling features would be the ability for people to find out the answers to those OHS questions that keep them awake at night.

Well, we did not count on how many people are out there unaware of what they need to know and more importantly where to find it. Now that should not have been a surprise. After all OHS is not a sexy subject with management who often give it just enough attention to comply. The number of questions we have received since starting the blog has been astounding, and they are still coming. It seems every person who gets our report has a question to ask. Right now we are on our toes just keeping up. Luckily everyone is very patient and understand that we cannot provide answers to technical questions or professional advice where that advice might expose us to liability. Remember we often have no idea from the email question of the circumstances, underlying issues, risks or even number of employees at the workplace. All we can do is provide general advice and point readers to the many excellent articles on the blog or suggest a website or government department.   

Over time we will be reviewing our responses and distilling the most popular questions for this page. This page will then carry the FAQ for Safety Concepts and you will have an easy reference page that hopefully will be of use to you as you work hard to create a safety culture .

Don’t let me put you off. We are delighted to get your questions. If you want to ask a question that you need help with NOW simply email us your enquiry to

We will answer and reply to your email – GUARANTEED.


Wayne Patterson