You and a Safer Workplace

While many think the responsibility of a safe workplace relies solely on the business owner, there is plenty you as an employee can do to make sure you are in a safe work environment.

While you may like to think ‘it’s not my problem, it’s the company’s’, if you are the one injured, it could have a life-long impact on your ability to work and enjoy the life you are accustomed to. Read these examples of worlds best practice:

  • Keep a Clean Work Area 
    This is one of the easiest ways to avoid accidents. No matter what work environment you are in, a clean workspace is a good idea. It makes things move more smoothly. But if you are in a shop or factory setting, with large and dangerous pieces of machinery around, you should be even more careful about keeping your work area clean. One trip over an errant tool and you could be severely injured or even killed.
  • Know Your Job
    When you are given instructions to do a job, make sure to know just what you are doing and how you are to accomplish the task. If the instructions are unclear, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing and following the proper procedures.
  • Admit What You Don’t Know 
    Many people would prefer not admitting they are lacking in know-how. This can mean a few messed up pages in an office environment, or a horrible accident in a shop or factory setting. If you are not positive how to work with the machinery and or tools that you are supposed to be using in your workday, admit it and ask for more training. When working with large equipment, one missed step or procedure could mean disaster.
  • Maintain Your Machinery
    No matter what kind of equipment you work with, in order to make sure your workday goes smoother and safer, you should always make sure any equipment you use is in good working order. In an office setting, this can save you time and frustration from items breaking down. In a setting with larger pieces of equipment, it can save injury and very costly breakdowns.

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