Worksafe Victoria Announces New Campaign

According to a new Worksafe report Victorian employers are paying almost $1 billion each year to treat injuries such as broken bones, crook backs and torn ligaments.

These injuries are often the most preventable and prevention of them often comes at little or no cost, simply cleaning up a spill on the floor or providing some lifting or moving equipment can eliminate the risk.
Statistics show that half of Victoria’s workers compensation claims are due to musculoskeletal injuries (MSI’s) caused by slips, trips and falls, and dangerous manual handling.

There are more than 15 000 new MSI cases every year, that’s more than 40 each day that happen while doing routine tasks. The average workers’ compensation claim adds up to $55 000 in medical costs, wages and other expenses.

Unfortunately over the past year we have seen an increase in injuries and near misses in the construction industry, despite an overall fall in workplace incidents across the state. This indicates the need for construction employers to maintain their focus on improving workplace safety standards and to ensure that they are providing adequate supervision of their employees and subcontractors.

More than 10 per cent of musculoskeletal l injuries occur in the construction industry. Over the past year, some 1653 construction workers have made claims for MSI injuries that led to them being off work for at least 10 days and/or incur medical expenses in excess of $580.

WorkSafe’s new campaign, launched last week, uses humour-with-an-edge to highlight how easily these expensive and hard-to-treat injuries can be prevented.

The campaign shows a worker or supervisor about to take a risk with a safety shortcut when they suddenly find themselves a contestant in ‘The Pain Game’, a game show where everyone who plays runs the risk of a serious musculoskeletal injury, for them or someone else.

The campaign aims to highlight situations where people often know what to do to get a job done safely but are tempted to take risky shortcuts, often resulting in a serious injury.

WorkSafe is urging workers and supervisors to think twice before taking a risky because the consequences can be painful, debilitating, costly – and easily prevented.

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