Workplace Bullying – Self-Assessment Tool

A new paper released exclusively to Safety Concepts explains how you can self assess whether you have a bullying culture at your workplace.

In all jurisdictions in Australia, the employer has a duty of care to provide a healthy and safe workplace. This extends to the physical and psychological well-being of all employees.

Which means the employer is responsible for taking proactive steps to recognise, assess and control hazards including psychological hazards such as bullying behaviour.

In relation to bullying behaviours, just as with any other workplace hazards, the employer has certain broad responsibilities. The most important is to be informed about workplace bullying and other unacceptable workplace behaviours. This would include understanding the employer’s responsibilities in relation to controlling the hazard of workplace bullying. Employers should also know what constitutes best practice in relation to managing workplace bullying.

So how do you tell if your workplace has a culture that is bully free or one where there is unacceptable behaviour?

Our good friend Bernie Althofer from EGLI Assessments has developed a self assessment tool exclusively for Safety Concepts. This tool is designed for you to use privately and confidentially.  It will give you a condensed insight into areas of concern and identify behaviours that could be an indication of a cultural problem.

To download your exclusive copy of this tool click  SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL – BULLYING IN WORKPLACE  

 Bernie is rapidly establishing himself as an expert in workplace bullying and is in demand as a speaker and author on the subject. He has also written a paper on the subject

We now have a copy of this paper in PDF form. Download your copy by clicking Safety Concepts Paper – Bully Assessment Tools

If you do have a problem with bullying or you would like to speak to Bernie about his in demand seminars on Workplace Bullying just call us on 07 32101234.

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