WHS Harmonisation Laws Update

Under Construction South Australia and Tasmania have now enacted the WHS Act and WHS Regulations in their jurisdictions on 1 January 2013 joining the Commonwealth, New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory. So how are the remaining states doing?

Western Australia has completed drafting its Work Health and Safety (WHS) Bill for general industry. Introduction into Parliament is expected in 2013 but this will depend on progress with regard to finalising the drafting of the corresponding Bill for the mining industry.

The Victorian Government has confirmed that while they support the principle of national harmonisation, Victoria will not adopt the national model workplace health and safety laws in their current form.

Safe Work Australia is the body charged with responsibility for harmonising the various state legislations. In February 2013 Ann Sherry AO was appointed as the new Chair of Safe Work Australia. Also appointed was Denise Cosgrove from WorkSafe Victoria, Simon Blackwood from Workplace Health and Safety QLD, Doug Phillips from the Northern Territory Department of Business and Heidi Robinson from the ACT Office of Industrial Relations as new Members.


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