The Effects of Stress on the Employee

This is the next segment to Leslie Henley’s research into Human Stress and its link to MSDs. 

Every individual employee is being exposed to various combinations of these human stress factors at any one time. For many people the actual combination may be in a constant state of flux and even that continuously changing exposure may affect the levels of stress they experience.

As the individual perceives their world at any given time, they may feel threatened by any one or more of these stress factors and that sense of feeling threatened causes their body to become ‘stressed’ and respond as described in the previous section of this report: The Human Response to Stress.

For most people the stress response may be short lived and they will recover relatively quickly from the chemical and physiological changes their body underwent. However for some people, the stress response may be either prolonged and/or often repeated leading to a physiological and/or psychological injury or illness.

The previous section of this article is titled Human Stress Factors.

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