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Workplace Fatalities Fall

According to statistics released by Safe Work Australia, the incidences of workplace fatalities have fallen by one-third since 2008. Looking closer at the most recent data from Safe Work Australia we can see the number of reported deaths per 100,000 workers in 2010-2011 fell below two. 


Work Related Fatalities Reduce

Work related fatalities in Australia have reduced to the lowest number in eight years. According to a recent results published by Safe Work Australia into work-related traumatic injury fatalities 374 workers died in Australia from a workplace traumatic injury in 2010-2011.  A total of 220 of these 374 workers (59 percent) died from injuries incurred at work, 110 […]


Mock Funeral Gives US Lawmakers a Message

A mock funeral procession was recently held in L.A. as part of a “memorial day” rally honoring workers injured or killed in the workplace each year …