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What is Wrong With Harmonisation of WHS Laws

Contrary to the rhetoric we hear from Model OHS Law proponents, the Model, its regulations, codes of practice and guidelines add up to an incredible amount of material to be digested. The Model OHS Laws are, in short, unknowable.


Ergonomics – the science of designing the environment around the individual to reduce the risk of injury

  In an era where most office workers are required to sit at a computer for long periods of time it is even more important to have a good understanding of ergonomics and to make sure your workstation is meeting the necessary requirements for a comfortable and safe environment.


Noise in the Workplace – What You Should Know!

This fantastic publication issued by WorkSafe SA provides great information on: noise and risks to health relevant noise legislation what employers, workers and self-employed persons should know noise and hearing protectors noise hazard identification checklist decibel levels of common sounds where you can get further information Click to view the publication on Noise We’d love to hear your […]