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Managing Hazards In The Building Industry

Working in the building industry can pose serious hazards.  Here are some basic tips to help manage those hazards to protect your staff and other contractors working on site.  Remember, Safety Concepts has a consulting service, so if you need assistance with anything please feel free to contact us for more information! General •Ensure work method […]


Keeping Safe at Work When Nursing

Nursing Australia recognises that employees should be able to contribute to the identification and implementation of practical solutions to help maintain a safe working environment. The onus is on everyone to be responsible for safety and to strive to eliminate potential hazards. 1) Dealing with Aggression Healthcare workers may be exposed to patients, family members […]


Machine Guarding – For What It’s Worth!

Andrea Rowe has been a Safety and Risk Advisor with Safety Action Pty Ltd for five years. She has investigated many machine-related incidents and educated workers around the world in applying a ‘zero access’ standard to machinery safeguarding. Every day in Australia about two workers suffer an amputation. Australia’s work health and safety laws are some […]


Look Up and Live – Electrical Safety

Here is a fantastic message from Workplace Health and Safety QLD.  It sounds so simple but, you’ll be surprised at how many workers fail to do so!!! Staying a safe distance from overhead powerlines can save lives, prevent injury and avoid costly damage, according to the Queensland Electrical Safety Office. When operating vehicle mounted cranes, […]


Debating the JSA

Ray Wyld, one of the Safety Concepts readers has asked that we get a debate going on the worker’s use of the Job Safety Analysis. So please add your take on the subject …


Ways to a more Safety Conscious Office

If you were asked about office safety, there is no doubt you would be able to list off a string of safety precautions that are in your company manual. While those look great in writing …


Complacency in the Workplace

Improve your situational awareness by thinking about what it is you’re about to do and whether your “doing” will achieve the desired outcome.

Remember, to err is human. Error consequence …


Emergency Drills

Emergency Drills – are you doing them?

Think back to when you were a kid in school. Do you remember the various hazard drills you had to practice? Depending on where you lived there were fire drills …