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Company Fined $50,000 over Electric Shock Incident

A Mulgrave sign installation company has been convicted and fined $50,000 over an incident that left a worker with severe burns to his body after he suffered an electric shock. Southern Ultimate Sign Installations Pty Ltd (Southern USI) pleaded guilty at the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court this week to one charge of failing to provide a […]


Public Comment and Consultation

Public comment period open for five new model Codes of Practice: Five new national work health and safety model Codes of Practice are currently open for public comment. They are: Safe Design, Manufacture, Import and Supply of Plant Working in the Vicinity of Overhead and Underground Electrical Lines Traffic Management in Workplaces Scaffolding Work Formwork […]


New Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy

Safe Work Australia recently released it’s ‘Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022: Healthy, Safe and Productive Working Lives’ in draft form for public comment. The first of seven action areas targeted by the draft strategy is Health and Safety by Design. In this section is an outline of how structures, plant, equipment and substances […]


Storing Gas Cylinders in Vehicles

Background Workers have died or sustained serious injuries after their work vehicles exploded. These explosions occurred when gas from leaking portable gas cylinders ignited inside the vehicles. In many cases, the ignition source was the vehicle’s electrical system. Flammable gas cylinders include those containing oxygen, acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas and propane or butane throwaway-style cylinders. […]


Managing Hazards In The Building Industry

Working in the building industry can pose serious hazards.  Here are some basic tips to help manage those hazards to protect your staff and other contractors working on site.  Remember, Safety Concepts has a consulting service, so if you need assistance with anything please feel free to contact us for more information! General •Ensure work method […]


A Manager’s Safety Mantra

As a Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader it is easy to be overwhelmed with all of the day to day workings, handling of business crises and paperwork that never seems to end. It is easy …


Ways to a more Safety Conscious Office

If you were asked about office safety, there is no doubt you would be able to list off a string of safety precautions that are in your company manual. While those look great in writing …


Complacency in the Workplace

Improve your situational awareness by thinking about what it is you’re about to do and whether your “doing” will achieve the desired outcome.

Remember, to err is human. Error consequence …