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Safety Alert – Safe Use of Nail Guns

Safety Alert – Safe use of nail guns This alert reminds nail gun users to prevent their guns from inadvertently discharging when they’re using them. It also reminds them to prevent nails from inadvertently ricocheting and hitting persons or penetrating other surfaces. Background Nail guns are a high risk tool widely used in the residential […]


Public Comment and Consultation

Public comment period open for five new model Codes of Practice: Five new national work health and safety model Codes of Practice are currently open for public comment. They are: Safe Design, Manufacture, Import and Supply of Plant Working in the Vicinity of Overhead and Underground Electrical Lines Traffic Management in Workplaces Scaffolding Work Formwork […]


Safe Systems Of Work When Using Vehicle Lifting Devices

Purpose The purpose of this alert is to highlight the importance of safe systems of work when performing maintenance on plant, following a fatality that occurred when a worker was replacing parts on a vehicle lifting device. Background A worker was killed when he was crushed by the lifting device while replacing one of the […]


Employers Tips for Keeping Workers Safe

When you run a company, you have to do more than think about how your business is going to make money. You must take an active role in keeping your employees safe at work, as you could be …


Safety Gear in the Workplace

Whether you are beginning a new business or have been running yours for a while, it’s never a bad idea to make sure you know what you need to keep your workers safe.

Here’s a look at …