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Workplace Deaths Continue Under New OHS Laws

New OHS laws in Australia are not working. More than twelve months after introducing new OHS laws we are still killing our workers with unsafe worksites and poor safety cultures.  Already in 2013 over twenty-five worker fatalities have been reported and more are expected as we face another year where almost 4 people a week […]


Duty of Care on Rostered Day Off

Does duty of care extend to workers on rostered days off? A recent court judgement in Queensland makes the case that workers on rostered days off are covered if they are injured in the course of their employment.


Hi Viz Clothing Catching Fire

WorkSafe Victoria put out an alert earlier this year about Synthetic High Visibility Clothing catching fire when flames or ignition sources are present. “A road construction worker was using a demolition saw (demo-saw) to cut a steel upright when sparks ignited the stomach area of his high visibility shirt. He suffered burns to his stomach […]