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Diabetes in the Workplace

  Over the past few years more workers are affected by Diabetes and there has been a significant increase in the number of workers who have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 .    


Keeping Safe In Wet Weather

Wet weather means wet floors and a wet floor means hazard! There is no mistaking that the east coast of Australia is experiencing some very nasty weather.  The storms and mini tornados that have been ravaging our eastern coastline for the past week have left in their wake moderately heavy rainfalls for most of us. 


Communicating Safety in the Workplace

We all know that effective communication is an important part of ensuring a safe work environment in your organisation.  But do we really know if our communication is effective? Is there any feedback?  For instance you can put as many safety signs or hazard notices around your workplace as you like, but are people reading […]


New OHS Laws Approved in South Australia

A full 10 months after most other states adopted the Harmonised OHS Laws the new legislation was finally passed by the South Australian Parliament on Thursday night. But not everyone is happy with some calling the new laws too harsh and unnecessary.


Asia Adopting Workplace Safety Standards

Malaysia and Singapore have both joined the ranks of developed nations by ratifying the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention on Occupational Safety and Health. Both countries agreed to be under ILO’s scrutiny on matters related to safety and health measures at work places and adhere to its high standards.


Noise in the Workplace – What You Should Know!

This fantastic publication issued by WorkSafe SA provides great information on: noise and risks to health relevant noise legislation what employers, workers and self-employed persons should know noise and hearing protectors noise hazard identification checklist decibel levels of common sounds where you can get further information Click to view the publication on Noise We’d love to hear your […]


Workplace Bullying’s Negative Impact on Safety

This is second section of Bernie Althofer’s article on Workplace Bullying being a National Disgrace. Bernie is the Managing Director of EGLI Assessments who offer workshops and assessment …


Workplace Health and Safety in Aged Care

One of our most popular requests is for help with Workplace Health and Safety as it relates to the Aged Care industry. Spare a thought for the care worker who injures themselves while trying to stop an elderly patient from falling. Or the nurse in the alzheimer unit who dislocates a knee after slipping on waste-matter […]