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Poor Workplace Health and Safety Costing Billions

The economic cost of work related injury and illness in Australia is estimated to be costing $60 billion a year in lost productivity or just under 5% of Gross Domestic Production (GDP). A report released by Safe Work Australia (2012) showed the true cost to Australian business of poor HSE practices is significant. A lost time to […]


Unhealthy Contractors a Safety Risk Too

A workplace injury can happen at any time, and often, it catches contract workers by surprise. When those workers are under the weather, it can be difficult for them to have the necessary focus to complete their daily tasks. Many of these illnesses, like a cold of the flu, generally only require someone to be […]


HSE Noticeboards

Kyle Masterman, the Safety and Training Officer for Sinewave Electrical Contractors has asked if readers could share ideas about HSE Noticeboards. Can you share your work’s HSE Noticeboard layout? And give us an idea of what you are posting up there? How you keep it organised and easy to read? Kyle currently has two large […]