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OHS Facts on Toilet Amenities

Occupational Health and Safety is such a wide ranging subject that we are never surprised at the questions we receive here at Safety Concepts. Lately we have been getting lots of OHS questions about staff amenities and the rights or wrongs of this very sensitive subject. So here is the essential list of things you need to know about toilets […]


Managing Shift Work

Adapting to shift work is easy for some people while others never adjust. Exercise and a well balanced diet will probably help any adjustment. Family understanding and cooperation can also reduce stress that seems to go with a shift worker’s lifestyle. If you do find it difficult to adjust to shiftwork, you should discuss the […]


Living with Fibro – Asbestos Alert

Does your fibro contain asbestos? The most accurate way to find out if your fibro contains asbestos is for experienced people to inspect and test it. You can’t tell by looking at it. Only fibro products made before 1987 contain asbestos. In NSW for example, the use of asbestos in fibro sheets was discontinued by […]


More about Safety Culture

There is a proven way to create a better safety culture at your workplace.   Just develop in all employees a greater awareness of personal safety than you might find elsewhere.  Sounds too simple!  Yet changing your present culture at work to one that embraces safety can be much easier than you think – if you follow the advice of the experts.


How to Fix Your Manual Handling Risks

Don’t throw your hands up in dismay; removing manual handling risks is possible. Here is a system that works and it’s one that won’t put your back out! Read on for one of the most popular posts on Safety Concepts.