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Delivering the Safety Message with Whiteboard Animation

So how are you getting the safety message across in your organisation? We’d like to think that all of our employees are listening intently to the safety messages delivered and are engaged in making the workplace safe and inclusive for them and their colleagues.  We all know our responsibility of communication when it comes to […]


Keeping your Safety Data

Keeping up-to-date data and analysing incidents and near misses in the workplace are an important aspect of identifying hazards and maintaining safe practices. Recognising trends in your organisation’s incidents, injuries, near misses and hazards is critical to your company providing a safe environment for workers.  So how do you make sure you are capturing all […]


Have you done your Safety Audit?

You want to continually improve your company’s OHS procedures don’t you? You need to identify any systems of safety that may be inefficient don’t you? You are required under Health and Safety legislation to identify hazards in your workplace aren’t you?  


Don’t let your Risk Controls become a Hazard

You are about to do your annual risk assessment, you are armed with your trustee clip board and attached is your up to the minute, totally comprehensive risk assessment check list. Or is it? There are four stages of risk management: 1. Identification 2. Assessment 3. Action 4. Control But does it end there? What […]


Silica Sand Risks for CSG

Are we worried about the airborne risks around coal seam gas production? Health concerns from natural gas production being reported in the US should ring alarm bells here. A recent Huffington Post article raised the hazards of silica dust on anyone involved in the process of “fraccing” for natural gas hidden deep beneath the ground.


Unusual OHS Hazard

Here’s a very unusual OHS Hazard… Rob is a commercial saturation diver for a company that performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Below is an E-mail he sent to his sister. She then sent it to a radio station that was sponsoring a worst job experience contest. Needless to say, she won.


Managing Shift Work

Adapting to shift work is easy for some people while others never adjust. Exercise and a well balanced diet will probably help any adjustment. Family understanding and cooperation can also reduce stress that seems to go with a shift worker’s lifestyle. If you do find it difficult to adjust to shiftwork, you should discuss the […]


The Hazards of Shift Work

Changes in the workplace such as job sharing, part-time work and more flexible work hours are indicators that shiftwork is on the increase. Industries such as airlines, hospitals and railways have long had round-the-clock operations and extended shopping hours are fast becoming commonplace. Research shows, however, that there can be significant health and safety issues […]


How to identify OHS Hazards

Developing an Occupational Health and Safety Policy requires first the identification of hazards and risks present in the work environment. Here are some effective ways to find and analyze risks in the workplace. Use these as a guide and customize to suit your workplace: