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Hospitality Operator Fined $20,000

A Launceston hotel owner has been hit with $20,000 in fines after being convicted on workplace safety breaches. Kemoh Tamba, a Liberian refugee, suffered a fractured skull after falling three metres on to a concrete floor at Waratah on York in 2012.


Community Care in the home – is the workplace safe?

As the number of people aging or with a disability increase there is a greater demand for services that allow them to stay in their own homes within the community.  The range of providers, including carers, nurses, cleaners, housekeepers and property maintenance personnel highlights an increased need for guidance in managing Occupational Health and Safety […]


Building an OHS Induction Program

Workplace Health and Safety Inductions are essential tools for organizations serious about meeting their obligations under workplace laws. Here are some key tips and guidelines …


Office Work Breaks for a Healthy Mind and Body

Spending a large amount of time in front of a computer, whether it be for data entry, html coding, or as you chat live to your clients overseas – you need to take breaks! You’d be surprised …


Looking for Hazards in the Workplace

While every workplace should make sure there are procedures in place in case there was an accident, we all know the importance of avoiding these incidents before they have the potential …


Refugees and Migrants Learning OHS

Sandra Maudier works with new refugees and migrants, and wanted to share an awareness of how little some people know about safety in the home, workplace and their own personal safety: “One of my students was given information about the CFA and how to contact them in case of a fire. Another student in the […]


Workplace Health and Safety For Dummies

We cannot believe how many people need help with Workplace Health and Safety but don’t know where to look. Workplace Health and Safety in Australia is one of the fastest growing issues right now. It affects one person start-ups right through to corporate board rooms. And it is only going to increase in importance. You would […]


Former Sparkies Insights on Risk Assessment

David Fulcher worked for over 50 years as an electrician and lived to tell the tale. Many others are not that lucky. David gives his insights into Risk Assessment from his long-term experience as an Electrician, and its impact on the industry…


Workplace Health and Safety Advice

Workplace Health and Safety advice is free if you know where to look. Here at Safety Concepts we take pride in the work we do to help businesses in Australia understand their responsibilities. However Safety Concepts are not the only ones to bring together information about OHS and post it free on their site. There are many […]


Safe Work Week

QLD celebrate Work Safe Week from 22-28 October 2006 This years theme “Injuries caused by hitting or being hit by objects”. Impact injuries are high on the list for most occupations. In some cases impact injuries cause serious damage to employees and have a huge impact on your business. Some ideas for acknowledging Work Safe Week at your workplace: BBQ […]