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Asbestos Hazards in Australian Workplaces

One of the lesser known hazards of the workplace is asbestos exposure. When asbestos fibres become airborne, they can enter the body through the nose or mouth. Once inside the body, these fibres cause long-term scarring of the lungs or tumors to form in the linings of internal organs. Onset of disease symptoms can take […]


The Iceberg Theory & Workplace Injuries

We all know workplace injuries cost our organisation in terms of compensation payments but have you ever considered the indirect costs of an accident and how much harder your sales team will have to work to cover the “real” costs of an injury. What is the Iceberg Theory?  It is a calculation method developed to estimate […]


Workplace Ergonomics – Essentials Checklist

Your Screen Should be free from reflection, flicker or glare Be easily rotated or tilted for adjustments At a suitable height, the top line of the text should be just below eye level ( about 15 degrees) Characters should be at a suitable size colour and quality – try to avoid having more than six […]