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Asbestos Hazards in Australian Workplaces

One of the lesser known hazards of the workplace is asbestos exposure. When asbestos fibres become airborne, they can enter the body through the nose or mouth. Once inside the body, these fibres cause long-term scarring of the lungs or tumors to form in the linings of internal organs. Onset of disease symptoms can take […]


Asbestos Prosecution Brings Home Safety Message

Builders, contractors and tradespeople have been urged to familiarise themselves with workplace asbestos handling procedures or face heavy clean-up costs and prosecution. Breathing in asbestos fibres has been linked to three respiratory diseases, all of which can be fatal. •Asbestosis: a chronic lung disease that can lead to respiratory impairment and to diseases such as […]


More on Fibro and Asbestos

Here are some other things to keep your eye on with regards to Asbestos… Hail damage to your roof or any asbestos cement product can be as bad as waterblasting. Call a licensed asbestos removal contractor immediately if the hail was heavy. Watch for weathering. Surface weathering releases asbestos fibres from roofs. Weathered asbestos can […]