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Who is an Officer under New OHS Laws?

New Harmonised OHS laws have been introduced in Australia from January 2012. The laws bring with them certain new definitions. One is the term – “Officer”.  So – how do you know if you are an Officer in the eyes of the new OHS Act? Under the new Harmonised OHS Act an Officer is a senior […]


Death From Heat on Construction Site

A construction company with no meaningful safety policy has been slammed over the worksite death of a young man working on a building site. The worker collapsed from heat stroke and later died after the building contractor he was working for showed a casual approach to safety.  The man had little experience in insulation when […]


Worksafe Victoria Announces New Campaign

According to a new Worksafe report Victorian employers are paying almost $1 billion each year to treat injuries such as broken bones, crook backs and torn ligaments. These injuries are often the most preventable and prevention of them often comes at little or no cost, simply cleaning up a spill on the floor or providing […]


OHS Management System

Mike O’Reilly (Injury Management Advisor) shares another useful document with us. It’s an effective OHS Management System that Mike stresses needs to be coupled with a focus on continuous improvement.