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I thought for a change instead of providing reading material, I would provide some video links.  There are some great videos available to watch online, and they really help to get the safety message across.

Below are three videos from the QLD Government which we love, and thought you might too!

Building bridges – The Jed Millen story.

Workplace incidents are life changing for the worker and their family and friends.

Jed’s accident impacted on his own physical ability to move, his relationships with his wife and children.  It ruined him financially.

Changing focus – The Gavan McGuane story.

The hospitality industry faces injuries every day. A simple trip on a mat can leave a person with a serious debilitating injury for the rest of their life. Gavan’s story is truly heart-breaking because it could have been prevented

Between a rock and a hard place – The Garry Nichols story.

This film, about a rural tractor roll-over incident, shows how quickly an ordinary work day can change into something more disastrous. This compelling and tragic story is told by Garry and those closest to him. The film exposes the traumatic injuries to Garry and the emotional and financial impacts that followed as he struggled to maintain his relationships with family and friends and manage the financial impacts that resulted in him losing possession of his farm.

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