Safety at Work

Want Easy to Use, Detailed and Accurate Templates, Manuals and Guidelines for Managing Your Workplace Safety?

Did you know two of the most common causes of workplace injury are:

  1. insufficient risk assessment, and
  2. not having a systematic approach to safety management.

In reviewing the feedback from you and others who are responsible for workplace safety, the data shows a desire for easy to use, detailed, and accurate templates to make managing your workplace safety easier.

Well here it is.

We have gathered the best document templates and guides, and compiled them into an easy to access instant download. And as a special offer, you can get these valuable resources for a one-time investment of just $37.

You'll have access to: PDF format whenever you want them. Once downloaded there is no limit to the information you can use, or the number of times you access them.

Here are some more details of the resources you will have at your fingertips:

Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Workplace policies provide the framework for procedures in a workplace. A well written policy can help employers manage staff more effectively, and drive appropriate behaviour throughout the organisation. They also help employees understand in one page the general idea of a procedure and the commitment to a safer workplace, from a General Safety Policy to Non Smoking, Injury Management, Hazardous Substances, Hand Tools, etc.

Accident Investigation - Process Flow
This is a step by step guide for the investigating team leader that highlights the essential elements of an accident investigation.

Chemical Safety Checklist
Use this checklist to monitor chemical use and perform compliance, management and reporting. This also compliments future inspections and audits and becomes the basis for your Hazard Register.

Compliance Assessment Form
All workplace risk controls are supported by regular compliance checks and this form is used in the assessment of compliance programs.

Contents of First Aid Kit
Here are the essentials for any First Aid Kit located in the office, factory or worksite. Use it as a starting point for your building of the best kit and First Aid facilities.

Contractor - Subcontractors Management
Don't leave it to chance that contractors and consultants will comply with your workplace OHS Policies and Safety Systems. Make sure you cover all the worksite risks for any outside contractor.

Emergency Procedures
Guidelines are recommended to assist organisations to produce detailed written procedures for the range of emergency situations that may occur. In developing specific emergency procedures, also provide the human and physical resources needed to ensure the effective operation of such procedures.

This extensive chapter also includes a handy model for the development and implementation of emergency procedures in the buildings and workplaces occupied by staff. Use this resource to develop emergency procedures for all occupants of the building.

Fire Equipment Checklist
All Australian commercial, industrial, health care and group residential premises have minimum legal requirements to install and maintain fire safety equipment. If you have recently occupied a building, or have made modifications to a building, it is important to ensure that your premises are compliant with the relevant legislation, regulations or standards.

First Aid Implementation Action Plan
Action Plan describes the requirements for the identification, assessment and implementation of First Aid requirements including First Aid Training and the upkeep of appropriate First Aid Knowledge and Skills.

Hazard Inspection and Reporting Process Flowchart
This is an easy to understand spatial overview of the steps in workplace hazard identification and reporting.

Hazard Record Book
A hazard is anything (including work practices or procedures) that has the potential to harm the health or safety of a person. Use this template to record, sort and archive all hazards in your worksite.

Hazard Report Form
Developing an Occupational Health and Safety Policy requires first the identification of hazards and risks present in the work environment. Here is a form to use in the identification of hazards.

Hazardous Substance Register
Use this register to record hazardous substances used in the workplace and controls for each so as to minimise the risk of disease and injury due to exposure.

Hierarchy of Risk Control Measures
Use this tool to create a list of controls for each identified and quantified risk in the workplace and then rank according to effectiveness of each control.

Incident Reporting and Investigating Procedure
This is a step by step guide to incident reporting and recording. Use this as your model to developing a 'best practice' approach.

Induction Handbook
Every new staff member should receive an induction handbook to confirm training and policy knowledge. Don't reinvent the wheel, use this handbook as your starting point and adapt it to suit your workplace.

Job Safety Analysis Tool
This is a useful document for any professional conducting analysis and research into specific role for risk profiling and hazard identification.

Manual Handling Policy and Risk Procedure
Don't be exposed to one of the most common risks in the workplace. Use this helpful tool to stop manual handling incidents and promote best practice behaviour.

Workplace Inspection Checklist
Here is a checklist you can use almost immediately to help in regular workplace safety checks. It is ideal for the compilation of a detailed list of risks together with action plan for each control not in place or not working.

Office Hazard Inspection Checklist
Use this template as your worksheet for the identification of risks and hazards in the office workplace. It is a great starting point you can build upon to create a definitive checklist of OHS hazards.

OHS Implementation Plan
This is a proven but easy to use outline of an OHS Plan. Use it to create your own action plan for putting in place the controls necessary to mitigate and manage each workplace risk.

OHS Policy
Strengthen your OHS compliance and reduce employee risks with your own Workplace OHS Policy Document. Use this template as a guide to create a working document that will satisfy management and deliver best practice.

OHS Training Procedure
Use this form to create the proper procedure and programming for training delivery at the worksite of all OHS compliance and policy topics.

Plant Register
This is a registration template for plant and equipment used in the workplace. This register is supplementary to the asset register with full acceptance of any size or number of items.

Return to Work Plan
Get staff back to work faster and reduce work cover bills with this useful tool. Follow it to create step by step action plans for individual programs.

Risk Assessment Matrix
Identify risks to injury and harm in the workplace. Then use this tool to assess and quantify the impact of each risk on the employee and on the business.

Safety Meeting Minutes
Use this template to create comprehensive and complete minutes of the meeting. Give this guide to the minute taker and be sure that you always get a consistent review and record of proceedings.

Site Safety Inspections
Don't leave the outcome of costly site inspections up to chance. Use this guide to ensure you get the best possible value from your real time inspection and do not miss a thing.

Training Matrix
Plan and co-ordinate your OHS Training with this Training Matrix. You can assign topics and subject headings to outcomes and activities with this easy to follow guide.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist
Company vehicles are often overlooked as potential hazards, but they form part of the workplace too. Use this checklist to ensure the most comprehensive inspection without needing highly trained mechanical experience.

To save time and money managing your workplace safety with easy to use, detailed and accurate templates, manuals and guidelines for the small investment of just $37 simply click on the order button below and follow the easy instructions.