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The IMS Safety Management System has been at the core of one of Australia’s largest government departments’s OHS compliance for over a decade. Now you have the opportunity to introduce the same highly developed and proven safety management system to your own organisation.

 The IMS Safety Management System provides full control of safety risks and peace of mind for businesses of any size.

This Safety Management System can be accessed from anywhere using the internet and by any web enabled device like a laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is a full dynamic OHS Management application and can be hosted “in the clouds” or on your site if you prefer.

The savings to large employers is significant. Our safety system was installed by a major port authority in Australia. In twelve months they had reduced their Lost Time Injuries (LTI) by more than 80%. Since then that same organisation has won awards for safety compliance – all due to their use of a systemised OHS approach.

Here is as an example of the value of installing a full system. For the purposes of the exercise we will use an organisation with 500 employees and average employment costs of $70,000 per full time employee or equivilant (FTEE).

A 4% incident rate would mean 20 reported injuries or health related events a year (based on our experience this is normal). If the average lost time per reported injury was 20 days then we have a total of 440 lost days (20days x 20employees) a year.

The true cost of a lost day is measured as the wages of the employee injured plus the wages of the replacement worker plus the cost of training plus lost productivity and so on. Usually the conservative approach is to multiply the daily employment cost by a factor of 4. (some use 7). In our example we divide $70,000 by 365 and get to a day rate of $192.00. Multiply that by 4 to get the true cost of each day lost to injury = $767.

To understand the cost of these lost days to injury you multiply the average real cost ($767) by the number of lost man-days per 12 month period(440). Every year in our above example this organisation is losing over $300,000 in costs associated with lost time due to injury (440 x $767). Just think how much more profitable they would be if they could reduce the number of work related incidents. Just think of the savings if the average days lost per injury was cut down?

We can show you how clients have achieved a 50%reduction in LTI and even more just by using the IMS Safety Management System.

This software system is fully compliant and designed to suit most industries. Beside our largest state government client with more than 5,000 FTEE the system is now used by smaller organisations in community care, local government and manufacturing. The system is scalable from less than 100 employees to thousands.

That means any business, government agency or community organisation can now afford to have a “best in breed” solution at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay normally. By hosting the system offsite and using the internet for access the costs can be reduced significantly and most of that saving passed on to the client. Basically it is a full solution RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. Expensive IT infrastructure costs are eliminated and set up costs are minimal.

It is easy to get started – simply let us know how many workers you have and how you would prefer to pay. You can pay by the month or  annually. Similar systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and then there are ongoing running costs usually based on how many staff use the system – the IMS Safety Management System can be up and running in a matter of days and the monthly cost starts from as low as $550 per month.

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The standard system has all the features you need to satisfy the new OHS Harmonisation Laws as well as comply with Australian Standard 4801 OHS.The system is fully backed up and secure – all hosting and version control is done offline so you save big IT dollars. And if you are a government department or agency the system is GITC V5 accredited (Q2804).

The Safety Management System is web based, it is compliant with all Australian standards, it has incident logging and reporting, audit capacity, interfaces with insurance claims and HR payroll systems, offers auto escalation of missed actions and can be used by smart phone.

The Safety Management System tracks incidents as they are logged in real time. You can use the system to delegate tasks and follow up automatically as well as escalate tasks up the organisational chain. You access up to date information to make better management decisions. The system has an audit trail, monitors employee training and qualifications as well as offering fully secure access administration.

The best news – Safety Concepts offer a FREE 30 DAY REVIEW right now to anyone in our community!

This is a fantastic offer and exclusive to us. You get the chance to SAVE $$THOUSANDS!

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This offer is a 30 day review of the hosted IMS Safety Management System. If you prefer to buy a full product licence and install the IMS Safety Management System on your server network we can provide an obligation free quote for this solution.

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Joanne Wallace is our resident "Safety Guru". Joanne has provided advice on safety management for the past 10 years and written hundreds of articles on safety issues and tips. Joanne has experience in many industries ranging from manufacturing, food processing, timber milling, retail, office and wholesaling providing her with knowledge and experience managing risk and injuries in these industries.

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