Safety for the Silly Season

The big countdown is on as we head pocket first into the Silly Season. Not only is there an increase in fun activities, there is usually an increase in the number of injuries, accidents and mishaps.

Why ?

There are several reasons, the primary reason being

Increased Social Activity + Increased Stress = Decreased Risk Perception

You will either relax too much and slip into the party mode too early and run the risk of injury because you are not focused on the job at hand or you will stress out about social events, financial commitments or other holiday related tasks and your body will push into overdrive or the “Flight or Fight” state, which again will reduce your focus and concentration on the things happening around you and increase your risk of injury. Rushing to finish off projects, trying to meet deadlines and holiday trip planning also increases your stress levels.

Tips for overcoming the Risks

  1. Acknowledge the issues
  2. Plan for the season
  3. Get some help
  4. Set aside time to process everything you have to do – away from your normal job
  5. Keep the social activities out of the workplace and never consume alcohol at work
  6. Keep an eye on the interactions of other – this can also be a time of increased bullying and harassment claims
  7. Take time out to De-stress
  8. Set yourself project timetables and if you really need to get projects finished before the break – Prioritise.

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