Safe Work Australia Overview

The former Safe Work Australia Council became known as Safe Work Australia in November last year. It is an independent statutory agency with the job of improving OHS in Australia and Workers Compensation.

It operates under the Safe Work Australia Act and has members from each state and territory as well as representatives from the Commonwealth. It also has members representing employer groups.

Safe Australia OverviewThe key functions of Safe Work  Australia are to:

  1. Develop national policy relating to OHS and Workers’ Compensation
  2. Prepare a model Act and model regulations relating to OHS for adoption as laws of the Commonwealth, each of the States and each of the Territories
  3. Prepare model codes of practice relating to OHS for adoption as codes of practice
  4. Develop a policy dealing with the compliance and enforcement of the Australian Laws that adopt the approved model OHS Legislation, to ensure that a nationally consistent approach is taken to compliance and enforcement
  5. Monitor the adoption of the approved model OHS legislation, the approved model OHS codes of practice and the approved OHS compliance and enforcement policy
  6. Conduct research into OHS and Workers Compensation and publish its findings.

About the Author

Joanne Wallace is our resident "Safety Guru". Joanne has provided advice on safety management for the past 10 years and written hundreds of articles on safety issues and tips. Joanne has experience in many industries ranging from manufacturing, food processing, timber milling, retail, office and wholesaling providing her with knowledge and experience managing risk and injuries in these industries.

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  1. Melissa Littleford says:


    Thanks for your article with regard to the role and scope of Safe Work Australia operating under the Safe Work Australian Act.

    I am particularly interested in point number 6,
    “Conduct research into OHS and Workers Compensation and publish its findings.”
    I am wondering the following:
    * From what date does this research into OHS and Workers Compensation commence? (Is it retrospective to 2009?)
    * Where do i find the ‘published findings’.

    kind regards,
    Melissa Littleford

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