Reduce Injuries In The Timber Industry

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has developed new guidelines to help protect the state’s 20,000 timber workers and reduce workplace injuries in the industry.

Industrial Relations Minister Cameron Dick launched the Sawmilling Industry Health and Safety Guide at a timber industry safety workshop recently.

More than 20,000 Queenslanders and their families depend on the timber industry for their livelihood. But working with chainsaws, rolling logs, chippers, heavy machinery and the like, often at height or in confined spaces, can be dangerous work.

Historically, the timber industry has been one of the state’s most dangerous, with higher-than-average injury rates. That’s why Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and the industry have teamed up to produce the Sawmilling Industry Health and Safety Guide.

The guide highlights safety issues involved in the industry such as the use of chain saws, docking saws, conveyors, cranes, heavy machinery and plant, power tools, ladders, scaffolding and fire pits. It also contains tips for operating safely in dangerous working conditions such as working at height, working in confined spaces and working with hazardous substances. It includes safety surveys and checklists, contacts, information on what to do in an emergency and advice on what your legal obligations are.

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