Winning the Office Temperature War

The battle of hot v cold

Whether you realise it or not, the temperature of the office where you work is an important factor that effects numerous other areas in the office, the most important of which is the health and safety of all who are involved and the productivity of the business that is so vital to the financial bottom line of the business and its ability to sustain the jobs of all the people who work there and count on those salaries to maintain home and hearth.

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E-Book: How to Win the Office Temperature War

Safety Concept’s resident ‘safety guru’, Joanne Wallace has written a simple e-book to help you safely navigate the minefield that is the average office thermostat. Understand why people feel hot and cold differently, how the temperature can affect health and productivity and best of all, how to win the office temperature war. Here are some of the subjects covered:

Chapter 1
What Is The ‘Correct’ Temperature?
It might come as surprise to some that numerous studies have been undertaken to determine the ‘correct’ temperature for the work environment…
Chapter 5
Why The Battle For The Thermostat Cannot Be Won
A number of very effective strategies for winning the office temperature war have already been covered. Now we will discuss the most ineffective strategy…
Chapter 2
Why Do I Feel Hot When Everyone Else Is Cold?
There are many reasons people why some people feel hot when everyone feels cold and vice-versa…
Chapter 6
How To Win The Office Temperature War
You can ‘win’ by understanding your own particular needs and how your particular job routine affects your overall temperature and the perception of that temperature…
Chapter 3
How Air Conditioning And Heating Systems Work
You don’t have to be an technician to understand heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and how they affect the temperature and comfort level in your office…
Chapter 7
More Tips On Winning
Introduce some ‘science’ into the process to help you solve this problem. Do not rely solely on your perception of what the temperature “feels like” in your office…
Chapter 4
The Health Effects Of Poor Temperature Conditions
Hot and cold temperatures have different effects, but neither are good when it comes to the health and general well-being of people working in an office setting…
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