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A query that has arisen from one of the readers of the Safety Concepts site is this:

If an employee contacts a disease, even the flu, off another employee who has chosen to work while sick, can the newly infected employee, if forced to take time off from work because of the infection, claim workers compensation for time lost instead of the usual sick-day.

The issue  has arisen due to an enormously high number of casual workers who, not receiving sick pay, cannot afford time off and so report to work sick.

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  1. Kyle says:

    My understanding is the only diseases you can claim compensation for are thiose listed under Regulation 2.5 of The Act;
    viral hepatitis,
    legionnaires’ disease,
    Q Fever,
    Leptospiroses, and

    There are always other avenues you can follow to get around it, just takes time…

  2. lalithamba says:

    Your thinking is positive towards flue and cashual employees being not affordable to miss the work and pay even for a day. But permanent’s will ge sick as well, flue doesn’t know the difference.If you are sick you are. Being permanent emplyoee if you have accmulated leave you can apply go to doctor get medical cirtificate it is good get a flue shot .It is known fact every flue season of the year. Prepare your mine to get back to work once you felt beter.

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