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Induction2Inducting new staff the old way is a costly and time consuming process. Paperwork goes missing, staff can fall through the cracks, the level of understanding between workers can be inconsistent and the administration of on boarding large numbers of new staff is a headache.

On top of this the whole induction process may take place over several weeks, or even months, after the inductee joins the company, which disrupts integration with the work team. Also, during this time individuals may not be able to attend all sessions in a series of induction presentations, resulting in incomplete induction.

Improper induction can cost your organization by resulting in poor employee retention. For example, if an employee feels confused or lost after her induction process, they may make mistakes, or may take co-workers away from their work to be retrained. This creates a disadvantage in terms of employee efficiency, which may translate into poor company productivity.

It is obvious that employers invest a lot of money and time to keep their workforce motivated and working at optimum levels, so it makes sense to try and get the best value out of your investment by making sure you have a thorough and well planned induction process.

Moving new staff inductions online is becoming the most popular way to solve these problems and improve the outcomes for new staff inductions.

Current online staff induction programs have been developed with legal requirements in mind. However, while this may satisfy regulatory requirements, there are many other practical reasons that make an induction program worthwhile.

Online inductions can be completed anywhere there is internet access. This means new staff can complete their initial learning on their time, before even arriving at work. Administrators can track each staff member progress and tell where they are up to.

A well designed online induction program has an immediate impact by making new employees feel more welcome and able to integrate into the company environment quickly. An employer is able to capitalise on the positive feelings generated by the induction program because employees are generally more productive at an earlier stage in their employment.

Practical matters such as security, first-aid procedures, dress codes and smoking policy can be covered in one easy module that overcomes any misunderstandings. Other information such as telephone answering procedures and the location of stationery

Assessments can be completed online and certificates issued automatically on successful completion. The savings to the HR department of taking this work online can be significant.

There is no better way to deliver specialist training than with an online training system. New procedures can be introduced at any stage so that existing staff can also become familiar with updated training modules. This is especially important in areas that involve computer software or work procedures involving interaction with other sections of the company.

The purpose of induction is to ensure the effective integration of staff into or across the company for the mutual benefit of both parties. Research has shown that tailor-made induction programmes increase staff retention.

A good induction programme contains the following elements:-

  • Orientation as to where the facilities are and showing how the employee fits into the team and how their role fits with the company strategy and goals
  • An awareness of other functions within the company, and how the employee fits in
  • Introducing key people, managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • Health and safety information that forms a legal requirement
  • Policies and procedures
  • Company history, its products and services, its culture and values

Some tips for your staff induction:

  • Be careful of providing too much too soon. The inductee must not feel overwhelmed by a mass of information on the first day. Keep it simple and relevant
  • Ensure the presentations are pitched at an inappropriate level. They should be suitable for everyone in the audience and for their roles within this company.
  • Get help – today there are many proven Online Induction Systems that comply with all the relevant WHS laws and HR legislations, and provide a range of courses to suit most industries.

In these hard-pressed times it makes good business sense to maximise the potential of staff in the shortest possible time.


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