OHS Management System

Mike O’Reilly (Injury Management Advisor) shares another useful document with us. It’s an effective OHS Management System that Mike stresses needs to be coupled with a focus on continuous improvement.

Structure and Commitment

  • Demonstrate commitment by senior management
  • Document accountability for all OHS functions
  • Provide for OHS communications, consultation and cooperation
  • Match competencies with allocated tasks or initiate training
  • Develop OHS policy to detail approach
  • Determine and set ‘safety culture’
  • Verify all aspects of OHSMS to determine ‘real position’

Planning and Standards

  • Identify risks, objectives, targets and performance indicators
  • Plan improvement strategies
  • Inform, consult and involve employees
  • Set standards commensurate with operations
  • Set targets that are measurable, achievable and realistic
  • Integrate OHS with existing planning mechanisms
  • Allocate responsibility for specific elements of the system
  • Plan for the adoption of risk management principles
  • Plan OHS programs resulting from evaluation of OHS statistics
  • Plan for incident and post-incident management
  • Identify information, instruction and training needs


  • Allocate human, physical and financial resources
  • Integrate OHS with existing management procedures
  • Allocate accountabilities for implementation of each OHS target
  • Inform, consult and involve employees
  • Implement risk prevention and risk management procedures
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures where necessary
  • Provide information, instruction, training for each specific target
  • Implement procedures for reporting and documentation
  • Implement and test contingency (incident management) plans
  • Implement post-incident management procedures and improvement strategies

Measurement and Evaluation

  • Measure OHS performance indicators set in planning process
  • Measure that set standards are being implemented
  • Measure that management controls are working and effective
  • Measure and evaluate incidents and accidents
  • Evaluate what you have achieved against original targets

Review and Improvement

  • Review operation of system and OHS program targets
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Plan and implement corrective action
  • Verify effectiveness of corrective measures

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  1. Cecilia Murray says:

    This website has been most useful. I worked in OH&S and needed a refresher.

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