October is Safe Work Australia Month

CommunicationOctober 2014 is National Safe Work Australia Month and Safe Work Australia will be hosting, coordinating and facilitating a range of activities around the country to spread the message of safety in our workplaces.

This year will see the promotion of a Virtual Seminar Series. The Australian Strategy Virtual Seminar Series (VSS) is a free online event run throughout Safe Work Australia Month in October.

It will showcase the latest work health and safety thinking, developments, innovations and research supporting the Australian Strategy vision: healthy safe and productive working lives.

The VSS will feature live interactive panels and video presentations by Safe Work Australia Members, business leaders, academics and work health and safety experts.

The themes for the 2014 VSS are:

  • leadership and culture
  • responsive and effective regulation
  • agriculture and road freight transport industries, and small business.

You can download the draft program from the Safe Work Australia website.

An electronic Information Kit is also available to help you promote the VSS within your organisation or to your networks.

The Information Kit contains a:

  • printable information sheet on the VSS
  • printable VSS poster
  • suggested intranet or email content
  • VSS logo, and VSS website button and banner.

You can also download the Information Kit from the Safe Work Australia website.

If you would like to receive updates on the VSS and the program subscribe to Safe Work Australia’s electronic mailout or download the Safe Work Australia Safety Month smart phone app from the Apple App store and through Google Play by searching for “Safe Work Australia Safety Month”.

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