NSW Announces Road Freight Safety Plan

WORKCOVER NSW has launched an action plan to reduce workplace injury and illness in the NSW road freight transport industry.

The transport industry is one of NSW’s 10 highest risk sectors, with 5512 injuries and illness reported, and 29 fatalities in the three years to 2010, costing the NSW workers compensation scheme $157 million.

The industry includes bulk freight, long and short distance trucking companies, intrastate transfer of retail and wholesale goods as well as interstate movement of bulk goods and containers.

The Industry Action Plan identifies four issues that WorkCover and industry will address to make the State’s more than 9,000 road freight transport businesses more productive, healthy and safe.

The road freight transport industry is very complex due to contractual relationships and extensive outsourcing. This means numerous parties hold a responsibility for safety.

By consulting with business, industry and workers, WorkCover NSW hopes to develop a better understanding of health and safety issues and thus develop a plan of action to address them.

Four issues identified in the Industry Action Plan were onsite traffic management systems, loading of trucks and getting out of trucks, return to work and injury management, and driver wellness.

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