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There is a proven way to create a better safety culture at your workplace.   Just develop in all employees a greater awareness of personal safety than you might find elsewhere.  Sounds too simple!  Yet changing your present culture at work to one that embraces safety can be much easier than you think – if you follow the advice of the experts.

A culture of safety at work will only develop once individuals take responsibiltity for the safety of themselves and others. In turn the acceptance of responsibility starts with attitudes of individuals to safety that is demonstrated in behaviour. Poor attitudes to safety could be influenced by factors such as lack of self esteem, poor education, inadequate training, social issues or a low value placed on human life. Other influences can be peer pressure, parental behaviour or leadership.

Various approaches can be used to change these destructive attitudes and raise awareness of safety issues.

  • Involve workers in safety competitions.
  • Introduce incentives for accident-free milestones and achievements.
  • Train employees in the use of safety equipment and the correct use of machinery.
  • Make protective clothing part of the dress code for everyone and a badge of the team.
  • Improve the understanding of workplace environs.
  • Put safety messages and promotional material in highly visible areas.
  • Create links between safety at work and improved living standards at home.
  • Manage upwards and get the support of the CEO and the executive team.
  • Extend the safety message outside of work to other risk areas like personal fitness and health.

Use these principles and tips to design a work-out program for the culture at your organisation. If you need more help look up other articles here on our blog or call Safety Concepts for assistance.

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