Keeping Safe In Wet Weather

slippery when wetWet weather means wet floors and a wet floor means hazard!

There is no mistaking that the east coast of Australia is experiencing some very nasty weather.  The storms and mini tornados that have been ravaging our eastern coastline for the past week have left in their wake moderately heavy rainfalls for most of us.  It is not unusual for heavy rainfall at this time of year, particularly in the northern states, but it is important to recognise that heavy rainfalls can translate to hazards in our workplace.  Heavy rainfalls create slick floors and the potential for slips and falls, so to avoid slip-ups we need to take precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Trips and falls are one of the most common and preventable workplace injuries and can occur across all industry sectors.  The potential for liability for slips or falls is high and they are not only a problem for workers.  Customers and the general public can also be exposed to risk.  Floors and walkways in workplaces where people continually enter from outdoors will often be wet when it rains.  In shopping centres, hotels, supermarkets and even fast food outlets employees and customers can slip and fall when the floor surface is wet.

We need to be aware of the wet areas on the floor, near doorways, entrances, delivery bays etc.  Clean up any hazards and place cones or hazard signs nearby warning of danger.  People can walk on slippery surfaces if they modify their speed and stride, provided they know of the dangerous conditions.  It’s a lack of warning that can cause problems.  An unexpected shift from a smooth to slick surface heightens the likelihood of a slip or fall.  Trips and falls are a major occupational safety issue.  The single most important step to take in preventing slips and falls is to keep flors clean and dry, and free of obstructions such as umbrellas and boots.   Fortunately the basic precautions are simple and cost effective in most cases: clean, dry walking surfaces and proper footwear.  When it comes to prevention of trips and falls good housekeeping is key.

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