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Hypersensitivity can indicate Drug useThe media has been reporting on an alarming number of suicides amongst Fly in and Fly Out (FIFO) workers. Particularly in Western Australian and Queensland, questions have been raised about the state of the Australian workforces’ mental health.

This is a real threat to any organisation but workforces located in remote areas are particularly vulnerable. An added complication is the  stigma associated with having depression and other mental health issues is a big obstacle to getting people to admit that they may need professional support. 

Like all safety initiatives, mental health workplace programs must be based on evidence and address issues at organisational, team and individual levels, and leadership is key to the program’s success.  What can you do to identify risks around mental health? Start with a  psychological safety check of yourself, your family, friends and colleagues.  Even just asking someone if they are doing ok could make all the difference.

Potential signs of depression include:

  • not going out anymore
  • not getting things done at work/school
  • withdrawing from close family and friends
  • relying on alcohol and sedatives

If you or someone you work with starts to show feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, lacking in confidence and sad for seemingly no reason its possible there is a risk.

For more information on depression and other mental health issues visit or to demonstrate your commitment to workplace mental health visit to download the Heads Up Leadership Kit and access many more workplace mental health resources.

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