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Kyle Masterman, the Safety and Training Officer for Sinewave Electrical Contractors has asked if readers could share ideas about HSE Noticeboards.

Can you share your work’s HSE Noticeboard layout? And give us an idea of what you are posting up there? How you keep it organised and easy to read?

Kyle currently has two large pin boards side by side with multiple labelled sections:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Publications
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Health & Safety Notices (Internal and External)

He has organised it this way to let people choose for themselves what they want to look at, rather than having to look at everything to find what they want – which leads people to start ignoring it.

Please share your ideas, and thanks to Kyle for the ‘open for comment’ suggestion.  😉

Kyle Masterman
Safety & Training Officer
Sinewave Electrical Contractors

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  1. Cyril Fegan says:

    G’day Kyle,
    You might consider leaving a space where employees can add comments, detail a near-mis experience or contribute in some positive way to the safety programme.



  2. Thanks Cyril, that is quite a good suggesstion, we are always trying to get employee input into the way we run our systems, having a comment section would be fantastic, how do you suggest setting that up? Suggestion box, whiteboard, etc?

    Thank again

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