Heavy Fine For No Safe Work Procedures

Where hazards exist in a workplace it is the responsibility of the business to have in place up-to-date safe work procedures.  Failure to have a any risk assessment procedure or a work procedure in place has cost one Brisbane firm a $120,000 fine.

 The business appeared before the court on the 30th July because of the two serious accidents occurring within a 2 month period. The significant fine it received was handed out after one worker was crushed between a silo and crane and another caught an arm in a manufacturing machine.

The business entered a guilty plea at the Brisbane Industrial Magistrates Court to a breach of the Workplace health and Safety Act section 24, which is failure to make sure that the workplace is safe. 

When the worker was crushed between the crane and silo there was no risk assessment for the maintenance of the silo and no work procedure.

When the arm of the worker was crushed there were guards missing from the core blowing machine that should have be inserted when the machine was not being used. The workers arm was trapped between the moving parts when the core blowing machine restarted while he was cleaning the sensors.

 The Magistrate said at the hearing that the company had not identified the risks or managed the hazards that were related to the “moving parts on the plant and moving crane.”


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