Health and Safety in the Hair and Beauty Industry

One of our subscribers, Gloria Marrocco of Health Choices for Life shares her story and the knowledge she has gained in the Hair and Beauty Industry, highlighting an issue many in the field overlook – the effect that hair and beauty products have on the body.

We all like having our Hair done and our Beauty treatments, don’t we? But how safe is it and what is it doing to our health?

I have been involved in the Hair and Beauty Industry for over 25 years. I have owned and operated 10 of my own Hair and Beauty Salons and it has remained my passion throughout the years.

I started my apprenticeship at age 15 and to be honest with you, I always thought the industry I love so much, was a safe industry. Sure, we knew some of the ingredients were not that good but we never really understood what ‘toxic’ meant or what these ingredients could do long term to our health and to our clients health.

To Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists; please do your homework and know what the ingredients in your products can do to your health and that of your clients. It is your responsibility.

Over the years, I’ve seen things that really started to alarm me, but it wasn’t until 4 years ago that I really understood what ‘toxic’ meant and what a highly toxic industry I was working in.

At age 26 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Cancer of my entire reproductive area and over a 12 months period had 3 operations to remove my cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. One of my high school buddies died age 28 also with cancer and also a hairdresser, over the years I have lost so many other friends and associates within this industry also with cancer.

Apart from cancer, I also had abscesses under my arm, twice, which poisoned my blood and almost took my life; a toxic overload in my body, my liver almost packed up and now I have fibromyalgia.

All of my conditions are now under control due to taking top quality vitamins and minerals and my hair colours, retail, hair care, skin care, makeup, dental care, home care and personal care are a non-toxic range of products.

Everything we put on our skin seeps into our blood stream as our skin is like a sponge. If your products contain harmful ingredients, it is not only damaging your skin at a cellular level, it is also over time, causing minor and major health issues.

Colours (dark colours are worse) and very toxic and can cause brain tumours, cancer, skin disorders and many other conditions.

All of your styling products contain many harmful ingredients that also cause some very serious health issues.

Who is at risk? Everyone.

What can You Do About it?

Look for a safe range of products and also look for salons that use a safe range of colours and can advise you on safer alternatives. It is your right to ask.

You may think that nothing like what happened to me; will ever happen to you. Well, I had the same thoughts but eventually, it will catch up with you. For women it is much worse because we wear makeup and use skin care as well. Men are now taking more care of their skin and use skin care as well. So if you fall into this category, the risk for you is greater.

We all need to be less ignorant and more aware of the ingredients in our products and the effects they are having on our body. It would be my pleasure to invite you to have a look at my website: Health Choices for Life. Check out “My story” and “Ingredients Sheet” as this will help you with some further information. If you require more information go to the ‘Contact Me’ page, fill in your details, and I will get back to you.

Gloria Marrocco … Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Thank you, Gloria. 🙂

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  1. Can you provide more information on this? I’m very interested, just need to get a bit more info to complete my extension research on how to get perfectlocks… I’m working on a hair extension project and your insight would help a lot!

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