Harmonisation Compliance Tool

It’s important that businesses understand and comply with the changes to harmonisation laws that took effect on 1 January 2012 .  Safety Concepts has put together this compliance tool to assist with identifying whether or not your business is compliant.

Instructions: Read each question and select the answer that best describes your current system.  After answering all the questions your score will be emailed to you.


Harmonisation Compliance Tool


Officers need to able to demonstrate a focus on continuous improvement through a systematic approach to occupational health and safety that includes setting specific objectives, establishing support systems or programmes to achieve objectives, regular review of progress and evaluation of outcomes.

Employers must ensure that all employees have ongoing opportunities to be involved and to have their interests represented in the development, implementation and evaluation of safe workplace practices.

Employers are required to keep a set of written instructions that outlines the correct process and identifies health and safety issues that may arise from the specific jobs and tasks that make up a system of work.

Employers are to ensure that all employees are informed of their own responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace. Employers will ensure that employees have specific knowledge concerning the management of hazards to which they are exposed to. This will be achieved through training in workplace procedures, environment, equipment and materials.

The employer is required to have an active reporting, recording, investigation and corrective action process. Incidents and injuries in this context includes all “near miss” or “near hit” events, work-related illnesses and injury, events that harmed or might have harmed, any employee during the course of their work.

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