Delivering the Safety Message with Whiteboard Animation

Take care of itSo how are you getting the safety message across in your organisation?

We’d like to think that all of our employees are listening intently to the safety messages delivered and are engaged in making the workplace safe and inclusive for them and their colleagues.  We all know our responsibility of communication when it comes to safety and compliance.  Informing the workforce of safety initiatives and their involvement is essential so we need to know that the information is received and understood.

But how do you do this? There are many ways to communicate the safety message. For example: toolbox meetings, distributing policies and procedures, presentations, online inductions and even face to face training. With technology leading the way in proactive and effective learning, whiteboard animation is a proven technique to ensure your employees receive the message clearly and concisely.

Whiteboard animation is a time-lapse effect and sometimes stop-motion and gives the effect of someone drawing on a whiteboard. For educational purposes Whiteboard animation has had proven success in audience engagement. The message comes across “uncluttered” by delivering information creatively in the form of a story which is easy to follow and fun to watch. When someone watches, they engage and when someone engages, they learn!

Our friends at TAKE CARE OF IT have got an expanding library of these hand drawn health and safety videos for your use. A subscription to the video library is reasonably priced and will give you access to the videos as well as safety posters. Increase your engagement by more than 91% it really works! Go to the Take Care of It site to learn more the easy way.


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