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Safety Concepts has a community of HSE and WHS experts who are leaders in their field. We guarantee to find you a professional in your area who will help you solve your problem. We provide consulting services in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane areas. You get high quality work at an affordable price.

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Safety Concepts consultants are fully qualified to provide professional HSE and WHS services. We offer the packaged programs below as well as hourly contract services. None of the services below include travel time which must be charged in addition to the hourly rate.

  • Review current system (3 hours average)
    – Meet with workplace and discuss current processes and systems.
    – Conduct internal audit to identify missing documentation.
    – Develop the required policies and procedures.
    – Includes a formal WHS Manual tailored to the business.
  • Hazard identification across site (half day)
    – Hazard identification to be carried out with a representative from each site. Hazard identification is done using a checklist which identifies environmental and task-related risks.
    – A review of injury stats.
  • Risk assessments on identified hazards (4 hours)
    – Risk assessments completed on identified hazards. Hazards that rate medium to high are then communicated to the workplace representative.
  • Training (3 hours)
    – Induction checklist will be developed. Power point on safety requirements to be developed and run by employer representative.
    – Manual handling training subscription optional at $49.95 per year.
    – Orientation sign-off will include training on safe operating procedures for high risk tasks.
  • Safe Operating Procedures (4 hours)
    – From the identified high risk tasks safe operating procedures are to be developed and are laminated and displayed in the work area.
    – SOP to be reviewed following an incident (part of the accident investigation process).

Specialised services currently available only in Brisbane and regions include:

  • Review and monitoring (2 hours)
    – Depending on level of risk timeframes will be determined for follow up by Consultant. E.g. medium risk 2 months follow up and high risk 1 month follow-up.
    – Hazard identification process should be completed every 6 months and following incidences that result in medical intervention.
  • Incidences
    – All incidences to be recorded on an incident report form and entered into a register.
    – Relevant incidences are to be reported to WHSQ.
    – Incidences involving Dr involvement (MTI and LTI) requires an incident investigation.
  • WorkCover
    – WorkCover process completed and lodged.
    – Suitable duties plan developed in conjunction with the Supervisor.
    – Weekly follow up (via telephone).