Construction Safety Induction now aligned in 3 states

In what is great news for anyone in the construction industry Queensland, NSW and Victoria have finally got their act together to recognise each others safety induction systems. From 1st of January 2007, health and safety eductaion training for the construction industry is recognised in three states.

That means Queensland’s Blue Card, Victoria’s Red Card and NSW’s Workcover certificate are now mutually recognised in those states.

This fixes a crazy situation which has existed for years where a person employed in the construction industry could have completed a perfectly good safety induction in one state but then could not move across the border into another state to work without completing and paying for another (very similar) induction.

It took a while for common sense to prevail but at least it is resolved on the east coast now.

Workers will no longer need to undertake additional construction induction training if they wish to work interstate. For example a Victorian construction worker with a current Foundation for Safety Construction Industry Training Agreement (Red Card) will no longer need to undertake additional induction training if they have the offer of working in say Queensland. Tradespeople living on the NSW side of the Queensland border must be raising their hammers and trowels to this fix as it must have been a real curse for them over the years.

In Queensland all workers must ensure they have an induction card they can show to an employer or principal contractor before commencing construction work. Queensland Workplace Health and Safety laws require that principal contractors sight a relevant person’s induction card or statement of attainment before they start construction work.

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