Change of Government = Changes on the Horizon

Jo KitneyJo Kitney from Kitney OHS has this to say about how the recent change of Government in Qld affects Work Health & Safety

With the change of Qld Government in February, it’s fair to predict change ahead for WHS.  Chapter 4 of the  Qld Labor State Policy Platform 2014 tells us Labor’s intentions for IR and workers compensation. Amongst others, they have committed to restore the original elements of the harmonised Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

At a recent breakfast seminar hosted by a Brisbane law firm they advised that we are likely to see strict enforcement of the chain of responsibility legislation in the trucking and logistics industry, increased prosecution and other enforcements, as well as action to address work related health hazards such as noise and diesel particulates.

If your business is based in Queensland it is worth subscribing to WHS Queensland’s e-news to keep up to date with changes on the WHS horizon. Here is the link:

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