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Mobile Cranes With a Free Fall Feature

Purpose The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the importance of correctly locking out the free fall controls on mobile cranes fitted with this feature. Background A worker was fatally injured by a falling load while erecting a transmission tower west of Dalby inQueensland in March 2012. A 20 tonne rough terrain mobile […]


Calls For Submissions – Chemicals of Security Concern

Proposed measures to stop chemicals falling into the wrong hands: chance to have your say. Industry and members of the community have until 30 March 2012 to comment on measures designed to reduce the risks of common chemicals getting into the wrong hands and being used to make homemade bombs. There are literally tens of […]


Risk Management and Workplace Bullying

  Hypothetical Scenario: Mr Benjamin William Jones is the CEO of MAGIC, a large, state based organisation that provides a diverse range of services including security services, administration, storage and delivery, and training. This organisation has been established for some twenty years and provides a range of services to the public and private sector. The […]


Shift Work – Tips on How to Manage It!

This information bulletin has been produced for workers on nightshift by WorkSafe NT. Understanding the difference shift work makes to the way the body functions can help adjust to a different pattern of life. Why is shift work different from day work?  The basic problem with shift work is having to work at times the […]


Noise in the Workplace – What You Should Know!

This fantastic publication issued by WorkSafe SA provides great information on: noise and risks to health relevant noise legislation what employers, workers and self-employed persons should know noise and hearing protectors noise hazard identification checklist decibel levels of common sounds where you can get further information Click to view the publication on Noise We’d love to hear your […]


Keeping Safe at Work When Nursing

Nursing Australia recognises that employees should be able to contribute to the identification and implementation of practical solutions to help maintain a safe working environment. The onus is on everyone to be responsible for safety and to strive to eliminate potential hazards. 1) Dealing with Aggression Healthcare workers may be exposed to patients, family members […]


‘NOBODY TOLD ME’ – Workplace Bullying and it’s Implications

 This is a must read article submitted by Bernie Althofer, one of our valued readers and contributors, Thank you Bernie! Imagine you are an officer from your organisation sitting in a Court, Commission or Tribunal and using that line to justify your actions or inactions in relation to a workplace death where workplace bullying was identified as […]


Asbestos Prosecution Brings Home Safety Message

Builders, contractors and tradespeople have been urged to familiarise themselves with workplace asbestos handling procedures or face heavy clean-up costs and prosecution. Breathing in asbestos fibres has been linked to three respiratory diseases, all of which can be fatal. •Asbestosis: a chronic lung disease that can lead to respiratory impairment and to diseases such as […]


Workplace Bullying and the Work Health and Safety Act 2012

by Bernie Althofer AFAIM, Managing Director of EGL I Assessments Pty Ltd

The OHS harmonization process will revolutionise how individuals and organisations approach workplace bullying …


Online Health Management for Employees

Employee health programs deliver results that go straight to the bottom line. That is the message from some enlightened corporates in the US who have taken a positive approach to employee health …