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Do Ladder Safety Accessories Really Improve Safety?

After much research, Steve Taylor, Managing Director for European Building Innovations brings us the debate of whether Ladder Safety Accessories have the potential to save lives. Might the introduction of ladder safety accessories to the Australian market reduce the growing number of ladder related accidents? According to Steve, and he should know, you first need an understanding […]


Safety Signs Now Available.

Safety Concepts has put together over 125 of the most commonly used Safety Signs in a convenient, economical, downloadable package. To find out more please visit our Safety Signs Page.


Blundering Benjamin and the Steel Caps

Jason Plum shares a scenario about the blunderings of an employee called Benjamin…  A Lucky or Unlucky Escape… You Be The Judge!


Bright Ideas and Redback Spiders

What have bright ideas got to do with Redback Spiders? Check this out…  Debbie Uncle, the Safety and Health Advisor of the Brightwater Care Group shares a Health and Safety Tactic that works brilliantly.


Mobile Phone Safety

Occupational health and safety extends to the use of mobile phones. The cell phone is a big part of life for all of us now and it has become a key business tool. Employers should take an active role ensuring that workers who are required to use mobile phones as part of their day to day job […]


Workplace Safety Templates Now Available!

Yes it has finally happened! After numerous requests and what seems like an endless amount of research we are now able to provide Workplace Safety Templates. We have put together an economical and convenient downloadable package of Workplace Safety templates, manuals and guidelines that are designed to save time and money and most importantly make […]


Workplace Health and Safety Advice

Workplace Health and Safety advice is free if you know where to look. Here at Safety Concepts we take pride in the work we do to help businesses in Australia understand their responsibilities. However Safety Concepts are not the only ones to bring together information about OHS and post it free on their site. There are many […]


Stopping Falls From Heights

Health and safety inspectors visiting one contruction site were shocked to find two young apprentices working on a girder 5metres above the ground in order to paint a support beam. Asked why they did not have safety harnesses or nets in place the men said they had been told that because they were still on […]


NSW Mine Accident Alert

A fatal accident occurred recently in which the driver of a remotely controlled miner was crushed when a shuttle car was being maneuvered at a mine face. The regional inspector of mines Michael Downs noted that employees entering the coal industry for the first time are not fully aware of the implications and hazards of […]


How to Get your Boss Serious About Safety

Most people charged with responsibility for safety at work find that it is often hard to convince management to fully back a culture of safety. For some with particularly enlightened bosses this is not an issue but unfortunately this is not true in the majority of cases. If you need help here are some ways […]