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OHS Management System

Mike O’Reilly (Injury Management Advisor) shares another useful document with us. It’s an effective OHS Management System that Mike stresses needs to be coupled with a focus on continuous improvement.


Unusual OHS Hazard

Here’s a very unusual OHS Hazard… Rob is a commercial saturation diver for a company that performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Below is an E-mail he sent to his sister. She then sent it to a radio station that was sponsoring a worst job experience contest. Needless to say, she won.


HSE Noticeboards

Kyle Masterman, the Safety and Training Officer for Sinewave Electrical Contractors has asked if readers could share ideas about HSE Noticeboards. Can you share your work’s HSE Noticeboard layout? And give us an idea of what you are posting up there? How you keep it organised and easy to read? Kyle currently has two large […]


Refugees and Migrants Learning OHS

Sandra Maudier works with new refugees and migrants, and wanted to share an awareness of how little some people know about safety in the home, workplace and their own personal safety: “One of my students was given information about the CFA and how to contact them in case of a fire. Another student in the […]


OHS Action Plan

We’ve been really spoiled with this article, as one of the Safety Concepts Subscribers, Mike O’Reilly is sharing two helpful and practical documents with us: An OHS Action Plan Template, and the Core Elements of OHS Management  (both in PDF format – please click on the links to access) Mike’s experience is in the Worker’s […]


New E-Guide on Workplace Safety

Can you hear that sound? It’s like tapping… Well, that’s my feet dancing because we’ve just put together our E-Guide titled “What Every Small Business Should Know About Workplace Health and Safety: Occupational Health and Safety Secrets for Small Businesses”. We’ve made it as easy to follow and jargon-less as possible! You can check it […]


Workplace Health and Safety For Dummies

We cannot believe how many people need help with Workplace Health and Safety but don’t know where to look. Workplace Health and Safety in Australia is one of the fastest growing issues right now. It affects one person start-ups right through to corporate board rooms. And it is only going to increase in importance. You would […]


In OHS: Knowledge is Power

Kyle Masterman, the Safety and Training Officer for Sinewave Electrical Contractors highlights the importance of knowledge of Health and Safety Issues to help employees to think for themselves… 


Former Sparkies Insights on Risk Assessment

David Fulcher worked for over 50 years as an electrician and lived to tell the tale. Many others are not that lucky. David gives his insights into Risk Assessment from his long-term experience as an Electrician, and its impact on the industry…


Open for Comment

A query that has arisen from one of the readers of the Safety Concepts site is this: If an employee contacts a disease, even the flu, off another employee who has chosen to work while sick, can the newly infected employee, if forced to take time off from work because of the infection, claim workers compensation […]