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Workplace Bullying – Self-Assessment Tool

A new paper released exclusively to Safety Concepts explains how you can self assess whether you have a bullying culture at your workplace. In all jurisdictions in Australia, the employer has a duty of care to provide a healthy and safe workplace. This extends to the physical and psychological well-being of all employees. Which means […]


Free Work Method Statement

 A Work Method Statement is developed by the employer for their employees or by a sub-contractor for work that they are performing. It details how specific risks in the workplace will be managed. A work method statement, sometimes referred to as a safe work method statement is a part of a workplace safety plan. It […]


Storing Gas Cylinders in Vehicles

Background Workers have died or sustained serious injuries after their work vehicles exploded. These explosions occurred when gas from leaking portable gas cylinders ignited inside the vehicles. In many cases, the ignition source was the vehicle’s electrical system. Flammable gas cylinders include those containing oxygen, acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas and propane or butane throwaway-style cylinders. […]


Safe Systems Of Work When Using Vehicle Lifting Devices

Purpose The purpose of this alert is to highlight the importance of safe systems of work when performing maintenance on plant, following a fatality that occurred when a worker was replacing parts on a vehicle lifting device. Background A worker was killed when he was crushed by the lifting device while replacing one of the […]


Top Five Things You Need To Know About New OHS Laws

New work health and safety laws commenced in the Commonwealth, New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory on 1st January 2012. Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania have deferred the implementation of these new laws for a further 12 months and South Australian parliament have voted to adjourn the debate on the WHS Bill until 14 […]



Introduction There is little doubt from reading the myriad of comments made on various sites that workplace bullying and harassment continues to fuel discussion. In fact, I have just finished reading a number of comments made by some obviously very traumatised workers from the public and private sector. There are some common threads relating to: […]


The Importance of Safe Storage

Fatally unsafe stacking system costs Fonterra Australia $300,000 fine and a conviction. Unsafe storage has resulted in an industry-wide warning from WorkSafe after dairy products manufacturer, Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd was today convicted and fined $300,000 in the Melbourne County Court. WorkSafe’s General Manager for Operations, Lisa Sturzenegger, said all businesses had to ensure they […]


Safe Airconditioning Installation

Gordon Harris is an auditor and contract investigator for the Plumbing Industry Commission. He has worked in the air conditioning installation industry for 46 years as a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic, trainer, engineer and most recently, contract investigator. Here Gordon writes of his experience and recommendations for the safe installation of air conditioning units: […]


Risk Management and Workplace Bullying

  Hypothetical Scenario: Mr Benjamin William Jones is the CEO of MAGIC, a large, state based organisation that provides a diverse range of services including security services, administration, storage and delivery, and training. This organisation has been established for some twenty years and provides a range of services to the public and private sector. The […]


The Importance of Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a safety management tool in which the risks or hazards of a specific job in the workplace are identified, and then measures to eliminate or control those hazards are determined and implemented.  More specifically, a job safety analysis is a process of systematically evaluating certain jobs, tasks, processes or procedures […]