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Safety and Chemicals

Whether you work in a laboratory setting or another location where you need to use chemicals on a daily basis at work …


Managing Violence and Robbery in the Workplace

By being aware and having a plan in place before an act of violence occurs in your workplace, you will have a far greater chance …


Back Injuries – What Happens?

Did you know that almost 80% of adults will experience back pain or injury during their lifetime? It is also a common reason for lost work time …


Going Paperless for Fire Safety

If you have a good memory you may remember in the article: Fire Safety at Work that the average offices exceed fire regulations due to the tonnes of loose paper scattered …


Doing the Safety W.A.L.K.

Here’s a mnemonic guideline for the old Walk and Talk.




Debating the JSA

Ray Wyld, one of the Safety Concepts readers has asked that we get a debate going on the worker’s use of the Job Safety Analysis. So please add your take on the subject …


A Conclusion on Workplace Bullying

This is the final section of Bernie Althofer’s article on ‘Workplace Bullying being a National Disgrace’. If you believe your workplace could benefit from assessing, identifying and managing …


Not Every Business Owner is an OHS Professional

Michael Smith shares an article for the non-OHS professional, in particular business owners on OHS issues. Michael is from Be-Sure OH&S Services who assist companies to integrate occupational health …


Consequences of Workplace Bullying

This is the third section of Bernie Althofer’s article on ‘Workplace Bullying being a National Disgrace’. Bernie is the Managing Director of EGL I Assessments, specialists in assessing, identifying and …


Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Stephen Pearce, one of the Safety Concepts readers, has submitted this article after conducting indepth research on drugs and alcohol and their affect in the workplace. Stephen shares some …