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OHS Hazards of High Work Intensity

Work intensity and stress is affecting the health and safety of many Australian workers. One in three employees report having too much work for one person to do and 40% of workers claim they are forced to continually work to tight deadlines. The effect is a workforce with little positive change in work life outcomes […]


Healthy Temperature for Shift Workers

Find the healthy temperature for shift work where employees are functioning around the clock. While some 24-hour operations have little control over the temperature, for many other operations the battle over the thermostat can become a cause for disagreement and in some cases distress. 


Online Health Management for Employees

Employee health programs deliver results that go straight to the bottom line. That is the message from some enlightened corporates in the US who have taken a positive approach to employee health …


Enhancing Employee Health at Work

Tracey Lloyd of Vireo Health Promotions shares some clever ways to improve workplace health, as well as some links to valuable resources …


Office Exercises and Stretches

We’ve received a request for some simple stretching exercises as a follow-up to the Office Work Breaks for a Healthy Mind and Body article. So here’s some more information:

If you find yourself …


Office Work Breaks for a Healthy Mind and Body

Spending a large amount of time in front of a computer, whether it be for data entry, html coding, or as you chat live to your clients overseas – you need to take breaks! You’d be surprised …


Corporate Yoga and Safety Issues

Tanya Barham of Recess Wellness shares some safety issues in regards to having Yoga in the workplace.

I recently had someone ask me about yoga at work. She mentioned the potential …