Bright Ideas and Redback Spiders

What have bright ideas got to do with Redback Spiders? Check this out… 

Debbie Uncle, the Safety and Health Advisor of the Brightwater Care Group shares a Health and Safety Tactic that works brilliantly.

“We have a Bright Idea Competition here where I work, for any employee that has an idea to reduce hazards within our workforce.

An example of this:

Employee has been bitten by a red back spider from outdoor furniture. As the weather has been hot and with a lack of water, we have had a real problem controlling this.

An employee, John, searched for answers and found that spiders are attracted to white furniture more than coloured and that the grooves in the furniture gives them a source of hiding place. The answer to the OHS Team from John, after getting information from pest controllers, is that as a company we need to purchase coloured furniture with very little grooves or none at all. So as a business we can put that idea to the purchasing department to consider this.

It was a perfect Bright Idea concerning OHS.”

Debbie Uncle
Safety & Health Advisor
Brightwater Care Group

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